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Hall of the Pyramid

The Pousada
Hall of the Pyramid
Hall of the Pyramid

The Hall of the Pyramid was designed and built with the purpose of creating a space conducive to meditation practice and individual or group experiences for the purpose of assisting in balance and awakening of consciousness. For this, we use our intuition and knowledge of sacred geometry, dowsing, radionics, crystals, baguá and pyramids.

It is an octagonal hall with 8 lamps, one in each column, each one with the representation of one of the trigrams contained in the celestial baguá, obeying its oppositions to create a field of energy and to generate harmony and balance. The octagon is based on a square that represents the matter and the 4 elements, the roof also square is surmounted by a transparent pyramid with the proportions of the great pyramid of Giza, with its faces directed towards the cardinal points, being that the entrance door is facing the east, the sunrise.

In its interior there is a coil of programmed crystals and copper to amplify its energy field, around its perimeter, on this place were placed quartzite stones, the center is covered in purple and lilac EVA forming a yantra that has in its center a crystal of transparent quartz that channels and amplifies the energy of the pyramid, the earth and the people around. This room has audiovisual resources for movie projections and viewing practices, home theater, projector and 4m x 3m screen.