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Zilda's Complex

Zilda Complex
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Zilda's Complex

The name of the place is reference to one of the most beautiful young people, daughter of Carrancas, who according to legend, in the late afternoon, was seen bathing naked in the waters of the waterfall. There are three main waterfalls with excellent conditions for bathing, easy access by trail and several other smaller ones along the river bed. Natural habitat preserved of diverse vegetal and animal species, that populate its rivers, forests of gallery and cerradão.

Zilda Slider
A must-see! Fun guaranteed for nature lovers, this slide of about ten meters, makes the children and many adults who enjoy a little more excitement.

Racha da Zilda
It is under this picturesque name that hides one of the greatest wonders of Carrancas. A place of difficult access, especially in the summer, which requires a good dose of adrenaline to the visitors. It is a beautiful way, by which one enters entering its cold waters and that hides a beautiful surprise to those more curious. Ideal for adventurers and explorers on duty.

Waterfall of Angels
Not everything is lost for those who do not enter the Racha, just before, nature offers them with a beautiful waterfall of about 25 meters, great for relaxing after the trail. Its waters join with those of the Racha, forming one of the headwaters of the river Capivari.

Cave of Zilda
A beautiful grotto carved in the quartzite, about 150m long and easy to cross, some little bats and a small underground river will brighten your crossing. Do not worry, the cave is easy to reach and the interior is very wide. Worth knowing!

Bow Well
This well bears this name by having the tip of a huge stone over the rapids, as if it were the prow of a ship. It is a very beautiful place and surprises all the lovers of nature, that when arriving at this place, they are faced with a great rapids and a beautiful well, great for bathing. Beside the rapids the scenery invites the hiker to rest and enjoy the stunning scenery.

The accompaniment of a guide is essential to get to this place, which is worth every effort. When walking inside the bed of a small river passing through the stones you can enjoy a magical place with a preserved native vegetation. The waterfall forms a column and the bath is one of the most energizing and purifying you will experience.

Waterfall of the Indians
It has a beautiful drop, a refreshing well filled with small fish and a great beach for children and adults. It is the waterfall with the best and easiest access.

Waterfall of Zilda
Special place with a huge drop, a great swimming well and a perfect beach for a picnic.

Saci Well
On the way to the Zilda Trail, you will find a trail to reach this place, a beautiful well with a natural whirlpool and a heavenly setting.

Rock Enrollment
There are some paintings and some lithic artifacts found in the Zilda area, which brings us back to the origin of settlement in the region. The time of the hunter-gatherers. Although not studied, these materials express great historical and scientific value and, therefore, we owe the local inhabitants the merits for the preservation and valorization of these patrimony.