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The official Brazilian concept says that Ecotourism is:

"... a segment of tourism that uses the natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable way, encourages its conservation and seeks the formation of an environmental conscience through the interpretation of the environment, promoting the well-being of the populations involved."

Principles of Ecotourism

• Conservation and sustainable use of natural and cultural resources;

• Environmental information and interpretation;

• It is a business and must generate resources;

• Reverse benefits to the local community and to the conservation of natural and cultural resources;

• Must involve local community.

Ecotourism Criteria

• Green management and administration of the enterprise;

• Partnerships and partnerships between local, regional and national governmental and non-governmental sectors;

• Environmental Education for tourists and the local community;

• Conscious, interested and responsible guides;

• Integrated planning, with preference for regionalization;

• Promotion of unique and unforgettable experiences in an exotic destination;

• Constant monitoring and evaluation; Low impact tourism;

• Code of ethics for the ecotourism market

Source: OCE Project - Ecotourism Training Workshops, 1994

The so-called ecotourism is an activity that, in the first place, promotes the reunion of man with nature in order to understand the ecosystems that sustain life. The activities are developed through the observation of the natural environment, through the transmission of information and concepts or through the simple contemplation of the landscape.

• In the tourist, this process assists in the development of the awareness of the existence itself in equilibrium in the nature, aiming, still, the maintenance of the quality of life of the present and future generations. This learning allows the tourist to be able to transform and renew their daily behavior.

• The urban reality with which the tourist coexists routinely becomes questioned, generating reflections on the pollution of these large centers, maintenance of green areas, disposal and recycling of garbage and quality of life.

• Thus, the incorporation and translation of these reflections in the form of behavior and postures in their environment of origin is aimed. Ecotourism activities seek to promote serious programs and safe and professional infrastructure, offering and practicing environmental education in a multidisciplinary way with specialized guides.

• The development of scripts and programs differentiated to VARIOUS types of environments, associated to the transmission of information and concepts, lead with relative ease to learning. But the great legacy left to the tourist is the understanding and awareness of the importance of preserving the natural environment, history and culture of places of visitation.

Sérgio Salazar Salvati

Carrancas has tourism agencies with trained guides that can make your tours richer in information and more secure, making your visit to our city an unforgettable experience.

From our hostel you have several short trails that can be made without a guide, but for the more distant places we always recommend the presence of a local guide. The hostel has a qualified guide that can be consulted and will be happy to give you all the information pertinent to the type of itinerary you want, be it conventional, adventure or therapeutic practices.