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Bridge Complex

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Bridge Complex

Bridge Well
Poço da Ponte is one of the most frequented places in the city due to its proximity, just 2 km from the city, and the calm and transparency of its waters, has become a favorite of the population.

Solomon's Waterfall
Located in the stream of Cachoeira, 700 meters from the Pousada, a little above the Poço da Ponte, is great for those who want a bit more peace. It does not have a well for diving, but its waterfall provides a great natural massage.

Waterfall of the Moinho
Also in the Cachoeira stream, 500 meters from the Pousada, the Moinho waterfall is a very tranquil place. The access is by light trail and the environment is full of species. The origin of its name is linked to an old mill of corn that with the force of its waters produced corn flour used in the feeding of people and animals.