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We share below some words of Osho and Satyaprem about meditation, therapies and the "true religion".

In business, the result is important. At the festival, the act itself is important. If you can make any meaningful act on yourself, then you become festive and can celebrate it.

Whenever you are in celebration, the limits, the limits of narrowing, are broken. They are not needed, they are eliminated. you get out of your straitjacket, the concentration narrowing jacket. Now you are not choosing, whatever comes you allow. And the moment you allow total existence in, you become one with it. There is communion.

I call this communion - this celebration, this non-choice consciousness, this non-negotiating attitude - of meditation. The celebration is in the moment, in the act - without caring about the results, in achieving something. There is nothing to be achieved; so you can enjoy what happens here and now.

But you can explain it this way: I'm talking to you; if I am interested in the result, then speech becomes a business, it becomes a job. But if I speak to you without any expectation, without any desire as to the result, then speech becomes a diversion. The act itself is the end. The narrowing is not necessary. I can play with words, I can play with thoughts. I can play with your question, I can play with my answer; so it is not something serious, but something light and cheerful.

And if you're listening to me without thinking about getting anything like that, then you can relax; you can allow me to enter into communion with you, your conscience will not narrow. So it is open - having fun, enjoying.

Any time can be a business moment, any time can be a meditative moment: the difference lies in the attitude. If the attitude is to have no choice, if you are having fun with the moment, it is meditative.
Excerpt from the book: "Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy", Osho.

You seek this essence out of yourself - that's why you do everything you do, that's why you do therapy, inclusive.

Therapies are becoming confused with spiritual pursuit - this is modern, but it is impossible. No therapy will find the Spirit, they were not designed for it. Therapy is designed only for your system to detoxify from negative thoughts, negative feelings and negative chemistry that are flowing in your body. But all this is temporary. There comes a point where you can not continually be doing therapy because there is no improvement. At one point, all therapies are abandoned.

Excerpt from the book: "Fragments of Transparency", Satyaprem.

Meditation, in itself, means not wanting anything, it means being totally here and now, with empty hands, without any distraction, without any desire. It is realizing that here and now you have everything you need and there is no other time, except here and now.

If you start thinking about the future, you feel a certain anxiety, anguish for the unknown. If you think about the past, you feel guilty and fear. In the dimensions of past and future, there is only the generation of these feelings. You can not stay in peace thinking about the future; nor can he be at peace in the past. You stay in peace if you do not think of anything because the nature of the here and now is peace and whatever it is.

Do not think about what I'm saying, just listen.
Excerpt from the book: "Fragments of Transparency", Satyaprem.

True religion connects you with that which is one and indivisible so that it recognizes that there is no separation anywhere. Wherever you are, it is the Father's house - it is your home, your home - which is here and now. With this understanding, you realize that no one dies, there is no reason for condolences. On the contrary - there are condolences when the Truth has not yet been revealed.

Everyone places their hopes on others, but will the other give you what you want? You have not the slightest chance! If you expect anything of me, I will tell you a secret: your achievement does not depend on me at all. In fact, it does not depend on you. There is only one way to meet: looking. For this, the first step is to undress.

But the world is full of cowards - he adores them. I prefer a little more dignity, integrity, courage - if not, you live in the shadow and you will never know if what you think is true or false. Because you fear that your family will leave you or that your friends will not love you anymore, you refuse to question the imposed reality. Excerpt from the book: "You are the Buddha," Satyaprem.

Osho said, "I leave you my dream." What does that mean? What was Osho's dream? From my point of view, he would like you to wake up.

It is conveyed that awakening is very difficult and, unless it is purified, has no chance of happening to you. They said a lot of meditation was needed - I'm not saying that's bad, it's good - but at that point, we can access it in another way. Here, our point of departure - and arrival - is that "Silence is death!"

In practical terms, all the meditations proposed by Osho - and what I did - were meant to open a door to keep quiet, in silence. The idea was to cease everything so that it would be possible to find Silence at that moment.

Shiva draws our attention to the instant between one breath and another - where bliss is. Thus, it is revealed that bliss can coexist with an unusual ordinariness. You, just as you are now, even if you are sipping, can be blissful in bliss. As you devour yourself by the presence of Silence, the content of your mind is absolutely being put in check.

Excerpt from the book: "You are the Buddha," Satyaprem.